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Visual Sclerotherapy Treatment in Oakmont, PA

It Is a Medical Procedure Used to Eliminate Spider Veins. Get the Best Vein Treatments at Vein Specialists of Pittsburgh. Book an Appointment Online to Be Treated by Doctor Valerie Drnovsek, Md. Open 5 Days a Week!

Visual Sclerotherapy Treatment in Oakmont, PA

If you are feeling self-conscious or embarrassed by the visible or protruding veins under your skin, we offer several treatment options at Vein Specialists of Pittsburgh, including visual sclerotherapy for minimally-invasive treatment without any downtime. Visual sclerotherapy is an increasingly popular option for vein removal, and our vein experts can treat you quickly and allow you to return to normal activities with minimal disruption.

Proudly serving the Pittsburgh area in Pennsylvania, Vein Specialists of Pittsburgh is led by Dr. Valerie Drnovsek. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out out how visual sclerotherapy can remove your unattractive veins and restore your confidence in your skin.

What is Visual Sclerotherapy?

Unlike the extensive vein removal procedures of the past, visual sclerotherapy utilizes a  minimally-invasive treatment process to safely and permanently remove visible veins from the surface of the skin. Using a medicated solution, Dr. Drnovsek will administer small injections along affected veins. The solution disrupts the walls of the vessels, causing them to stick together and seal off the vein, rerouting the blood to healthier veins. The treated vein then turns to scar tissue that is gradually removed by the body and replaced with healthy tissue.

What are the Benefits of Visual Sclerotherapy?

  • Quick treatment sessions that can fit into any busy schedule
  • No incisions
  • An immediate return to normal activities
  • An ideal solution for a wide range of patients
  • Well-tolerated treatment that causes minimal to no discomfort

Is There Any Recovery?

Most patients are able to return immediately to normal activities, although a daily walking regimen may be recommended as the body works to remove the treated veins. Dr. Drnovsek and our medical team will discuss all relevant safety information with you prior to treatment.

Although visual sclerotherapy permanently removes treated veins, it may still be possible for new dysfunctional veins to develop in the future. Treatment can be repeated if necessary to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin complexion.

Am I a Good Candidate for Visual Sclerotherapy?

This treatment can benefit a wide range of men and women who have deficient veins in their legs, ankles, and feet and who desire to remove them using non-surgical treatment. Dr. Drnovsek and our medical team can help you determine if this treatment is right for you during your consultation, where we will thoroughly evaluate your individual condition.

Contact Vein Specialists of Pittsburgh today to schedule a consultation and find out how visual sclerotherapy can help clear and restore natural beauty to your skin.

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